Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1 Chronicles 22


Prairie Chick said...

verses 3 and 4 just had me thinking how important the spiritual legacy we invest and pass on to our children. We are their role models.

Prairie Chick said...

So yesterday my kids were asking me if they should bring their bibles or leave them at home when they go for a birthday party sleepover with friends tomorrow night. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell them "oh, it's okay to just leave them at home for one night." and I know that it is. I mean, legalistically God is not standing up there with a stick just waiting to bring it down on us when we "miss" our time with Him. But on the other hand, when it is a fundamental and special part of our day, what joy that must bring to His heart.

My girls love their bibles, read a chapter every night in their beds before lights out and ask AMAZING questions. The other night it was a huge discussion on why Jesus said "get behind me Satan" to Peter when Peter was tempting Jesus not be so pessimistic about the final outcome that awaited him in Jerusalem. Seeing my kids come to understand the truths and mysteries of the word thrills my soul more than anything else. They love God and they honor His word.

So why on earth would I say to them "no, never mind about it, just leave it at home?" I would never tell them to leave their TOOTHBRUSH at home. I mean I don't want the placque to build up on their teeth from improper care and we are dilligent and concerned to make sure that doesn't happen.

Why should we treat their hearts and the hiding of the Word with less dilligence??? Beats me. Truly we can be such stupid creatures at times. No wonder God compares mankind to mules and sheep.

So instead of worrying about whether or not our friends have a before bed bible reading time and how my kids "habit" is going to fit into their sleepover, I said "Yes, take them. Just tell your friends you spend that time with God before you go to sleep and I'm sure they will be fine with that."

I could have told them to just read the bible "some other time during the day" but why? Why do sometimes squish God around other stuff, instead of squishing the other stuff around Him?