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How's it Goin' Out There?

Hello friends. This is my once in a while check in with those of you who have ever expressed any desire for accountability in the area of private devotion and meditation. My desire is to be a true friend who isn't afraid to ask intimate questions :). I pray for you regularily and my desire is for your intimacy with the Father to grow through the up weeks and the down (I need prayer for this too). I know I haven't had much chance to connect with any of you personally on an intimate level in a while now, but it doesn't mean my heart is not devoted to you. I am doing my best to give my best to the things God has called me to.

Accountability is a two way street so I will tell you how things are going with me. This past week has been a real discipline for me to concentrate in the word and to seek to apply it. Even more so to go online and record something at Prairie Passages, but I plugged through and after 5 days of "forcing" myself my hunger and thirst for my daily bread returned and this morning I approached the word with great anticipation to meet and be met by the author of my soul whose thoughts are so much higher than my thoughts but who has promised to reveal Himself to me. What a privilege and joy is ours. May we never forget it.

Let me know how things have been going for you (really, really going for you) in this area.

Proverbs 18

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