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Proverbs 1

For the record, for other ladies following, but not commenting, I had a mix up in my scheduling and thus we are laying aside Psalms for a time (it will come up later in our Wednesday readings) and we need to pick up in Proverbs. Sorry for the abrupt change of course! We will also be leaving the last few minor prophets to pick up in Matthew.

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Numbers 13

They have reached the Promised Land! But they do not recognize it as such or rather they could not believe that they were capable of taking it. Caleb thought it was possible. When I read the following verse I thought that those who argued against taking the land contradicted themselves.
end v 32: "They said, 'The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there were a great size." How can the land devour them and the people be a great size? The two do not seem to go together.

Having said that, I recognize that I have convinced myself that something would be too difficult, too much trouble, too dangerous when in fact God really wanted me there....and there is no better place to be than where God wants you! Oh to hear his voice, tap into his courage, and live the life he has planned for me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


From my bible, introduction to Jude:
"Although Jude is very eager to write to his readers about salvation, he felt that he must instead warn them about certain immoral men circulating among them who were perverting the grace of God. Apparently these false teachers were trying to convince believers that beign saved by grace gave them license to sin since their sins would no longer be held against them. Jude thought it imperative that his readers be on guard against such men and be prepared to oppose their perverted teachings with the truth about God's saving grace. "

Truth and love...we have touched on this before in our blog and some had mentioned that adding love to their words of truth is a struggle. I find that I struggle more with the opposite...adding truth to my words of love. First you must know the truth to speak it and so I study. Then a person must have the boldness to speak the truth, to point out wrong...what else could show more love than to help someone back on the right track? But I tend to find it very difficult to speak those words as they feel more like criticism, that I know better or more, that I am prideful and do no wrong. They are a magicical combination, truth and love, and I am actively pursueing them in my language and life. The progrees is very slow but I am counting on the Lord to show me the way. I think that I also must remember that the truth is not always easy to give or receive...even when it is seasoned with love.

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