Thursday, May 13, 2010

Proverbs 1

For the record, for other ladies following, but not commenting, I had a mix up in my scheduling and thus we are laying aside Psalms for a time (it will come up later in our Wednesday readings) and we need to pick up in Proverbs. Sorry for the abrupt change of course! We will also be leaving the last few minor prophets to pick up in Matthew.


Prairie Chick said...

"...they teach wisdom and self control; ... they will teach you to be wise and self controlled and will teach you to do what is honest and fair and right." v2-3

Everytime I saw the word "self control" in this passage my mind kept exchanging it with they concept of spiritual disciplines. I think it is a fair and just exchange and it gives the passage added depth to me.

"fools hate self control (spiritual disciplines)." v7

"... those who listen to me will live in saftey and be at peace..." v33

that's how I want to live. listening to Him daily, discovering wisdom and truth and His will for me in His word, practicing the spiritual disciplines He has established for my good and growth, and being blessed with His peace as a result.

Sounds super sweet to me.

Chris said...

vs. 23 is achingly sad and lovely... to know that rebuke held such love and concern... that regard and repentance could have led to sharing the heart of (God, wisdom?) (can we connect the two?)
vs. 32 is quite a a warning for me personally- complacency is such a trap.

Jude said...

A chapter of Proverbs is so packed with wisdom...where to begin.
v22-27 hit home for me.
v22 "How long will you simple ones love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?"

These verses remind me of my pre- Christian days. I was actually in a constant state of learning at well respected institutions ( and I do value the knowledge I gained for my livelihood from those places) but as far as my world view knowledge, it was simple and short-sighted. I feel as though as I have come to know the Lord more and more he has helped me to look beyond me and beyond the TRY to live so that I do not start myself or those I love on any slippery slopes of sin. No doubt I will fail but I pray that we will have the wisdom to grab his outstretched hand (v24) at some point on the slope and allow ourselves to be picked back up.