Monday, May 3, 2010

Numbers 13

They have reached the Promised Land! But they do not recognize it as such or rather they could not believe that they were capable of taking it. Caleb thought it was possible. When I read the following verse I thought that those who argued against taking the land contradicted themselves.
end v 32: "They said, 'The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there were a great size." How can the land devour them and the people be a great size? The two do not seem to go together.

Having said that, I recognize that I have convinced myself that something would be too difficult, too much trouble, too dangerous when in fact God really wanted me there....and there is no better place to be than where God wants you! Oh to hear his voice, tap into his courage, and live the life he has planned for me.


Prairie Chick said...

"we felt like grasshoppers, and we looked like grasshoppers to them." v32

Hasn't this always been the MO of the Lord. To take "small" people and do "great" things by HIS awesome power? Goosebumps when I think of that in correlation to my own life. God wants to take lil ole me, and accomplish great acts of mercy, grace and goodness out of all the ashes and rubble of a painful, difficult life that has undergone every form of rejection and abuse, and He wants to make a life that shines and draws others unto Himself. He is in the business of taking grasshoppers and transforming them into adopted heirs, crowned with righteousness that reign with Christ and call Him Father and inherit all the beautiful things of the promised land in the spiritual realms. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self control. What a rags to riches story indeed!

Prairie Chick said...

About the land devouring the inhabitants my translation says "the land that we explored is too large for us to conquer. All the people saw were very tall."

So the land "devours" would be just figurative speech for saying, this territory is so huge it swallows people up... I can see a really clear picture of this as we are reading about people moving and settling into the new and vast territories of Canada in our history lessons. It's a great picture!