Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Kings 4


Prairie Chick said...

I didn't have internet connection this morning and then got caught up in a million other things, but now before I go to bed I wanted to go back and re-think this passage.

What stood out to me the most I think was how these stories involved Gentiles that the "holy people" would consider unclean, ungodly and unworthy of God's attention. Also, it stood out to me what a strong and capable woman the Shunamite was. I think it stood out to me because of some stuff that has been coming up in the PRoverbs study by Driscoll that our small group is doing. That woman are not to be just 'followers' of their leader husbands, but that good leader husbands will trust their wives to be good leaders in the home and will encourage them to "manage" the home, the family life and needs, etc. That that is her ministry... I can see this playing out in the character of the Shunammite. It's a new depth of understanding for me in the whole role of women as wives and mothers and children of the King.

Mac an Rothaich said...

I remember a while back someone mentioning 'no wonder they thought Jesus was one of the prophets returning' and this passage made me think of that too, at the end especially with the feeding of the large crowd with little to offer.

I love the respect the prophet and the Shunamite woman had for one another.

Exciting times hanging out with this guy!

Jude said...

Just amazed by the abundance of miracles. Why is it that some times in history/some ministries have been so full of miracles? I must admit that I never doubt those that I read about in the Bible but it requires a very good source for me believe the modern day variety. I know they happen but have a bit of a need to see it for myself. So, back to that question, is there a reason for an abundance or poverty of miracles? Faith related? God's timing? Any thoughts?

Prairie Chick said...

In my studies and reading of different missionary biographies and church history in different regions and eras I have come to see a correlation with a strong wave of miracles often accompanying the birth of a new ministry or a new church in a previously unchurched area. For instance, in recent years with the huge growth of the Church in China there have been myriads of miracles. And same when missionaries go to new tribal peoples, they will experience many miracles in their ministry that seem to serve to "authorize" and "authenticate" their ministry as being from God to the people they are ministering to. It gets the attention of the people and breaks a dam allowing the gospel to be preached and heard with attention.

Once the gospel is more established and a church is growing then these miracles seem to fade to black and the work of discipleship moves to the forefront.

In the case of the prophets many times miracles would accompany them throughout their lives, I think because the hearts of the Israelites were so hard and because in those days that was how God's Spirit moved among men, through the prophets. Now, it is so amazing to think that we each have that Spirit and power moving and ministering within us!

Jude said...

Thanks for those thoughts, PC. This seems very true and I had not thought of it in relation to new churches. Indeed...praise God that we have that same spirit in us.