Sunday, May 2, 2010


From my bible, introduction to Jude:
"Although Jude is very eager to write to his readers about salvation, he felt that he must instead warn them about certain immoral men circulating among them who were perverting the grace of God. Apparently these false teachers were trying to convince believers that beign saved by grace gave them license to sin since their sins would no longer be held against them. Jude thought it imperative that his readers be on guard against such men and be prepared to oppose their perverted teachings with the truth about God's saving grace. "

Truth and love...we have touched on this before in our blog and some had mentioned that adding love to their words of truth is a struggle. I find that I struggle more with the opposite...adding truth to my words of love. First you must know the truth to speak it and so I study. Then a person must have the boldness to speak the truth, to point out wrong...what else could show more love than to help someone back on the right track? But I tend to find it very difficult to speak those words as they feel more like criticism, that I know better or more, that I am prideful and do no wrong. They are a magicical combination, truth and love, and I am actively pursueing them in my language and life. The progrees is very slow but I am counting on the Lord to show me the way. I think that I also must remember that the truth is not always easy to give or receive...even when it is seasoned with love.


Prairie Chick said...

Intro to Jude, Max Lucado

A Redwood tree fell in a California forest. Four hundred years old. It wasn't destroyed by lightning. Storms had come adn gond, but the tree stood. It wasn't felled by winds. Bent by their force, but never uprooted. The tree didn't fall to fire. It had stood when others collapsed.

What destroyed the Redwood?

Insects. Termites devoured it from within. It had stood for four centuries against the elements from without, but collapsed because of an attack within.

Jude warns that the same can happen to the church. He wanted to write about the salvation we all share (v3) but he felt compelled to address a more somber issue- the danger of false teachers.

Apparently, some had enteredt he church who were not students of the word but rather, promoters of sexual sin. They used God's grace as a license for passion. The only solution? "fight hard for the faith that was given the holy people of God once for all time."

Jude is urgent in his warning. What destroyed the redwood can destroy a church. But he is equally urgent in his encouragement. "God is strong," Jude concludes," and he can help you not to fall" v24

Can God really keep you from falling? To answer that, go to another tree on a barren hill. A tree older than time. A tree which coverst the mistakes of your past and the problems of your future. Be assured- that tree will never fall."

Prairie Chick said...

"Look, the Lord is coming with many thousands of his holy angels to judge every person. He is coming to punish all who are against God for all the evil they have said against HIm." v15

Keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the Lord Jesus Christ with His mercy to give you life forever." v21

I've always loved that first verse. The picture of Jesus coming with myriads of His Holy Ones to judge the earth, but we are waiting for His mercy that will give us life forever.

There is so much to chew on in this chapter, but that last verse is what I choose to carry forward with me into this day.