Thursday, May 20, 2010

Proverbs 2


Prairie Chick said...

"Listen carefully... cry out... search... Then... you will find that you know God." v2-5

Oh, the blessings that are ours, to have a high priest who has opened the holy of holies for us and beckoned us, to see, to meet, to touch, to know the heart of God. May I never, ever, ever, let anything keep me from listening, searching, and being blessed in the finding that takes place when I pass through the veil and sit at His feet.

"It will save you from the unfaithful wife who tries to lead you into adultery with pleasing words. She leaves the husband she married when she was young. She ignores the promise she made before God.... those who took that path are all dead." vv17,18

These verses just made me weep this morning. Weep for the calloused hearts that justify and stubbornly refuse to surrender this area of their life to the Sovreign Lord to experience His strength and glory that can heal and restore and bring good fruit after the storm. To think how the path we choose today can lead us down a road of spiritual decay and death. Oh to have an undivided heart. One that seeks not one's own happiness and gain, but seeks to humble oneself to the glory of God.

Shailey said...

"Follow the steps of good men instead and stay on the path of the righteous. For only the upright will live in the land and those who have integrity will remain in it." v20-21

This is hard to do,most of us
have gone off the path of
the righteous many times,but
we learn from it.Whenever
I am tempted to do somthing
wrong I say to myself,"God
doesn't want me to do this,and
so if this pleases Satan I don't
want to do this."God wants us
to follow Him because he loves us and doesn't want us to get hurt.

Jude said...

v6 "For the Lord gives wisdom and from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding. "

I find this to be so true...and think particularly of the understanding part. The rules of life that we strain to obey seem much less restrictive and confining when we have understanding. In life, God has repeatedly given opportunities for more understanding and I am sure he has more planned.