Saturday, May 22, 2010

Matthew 2


Prairie Chick said...

couple of things. One, I was fascinated with the wording of the prophecies. How some were spoken in the future tense (a ruler WILL come from Bethlehem), some in the past tense (I called my son out of Egypt, and a voice was heard in Ramah). Just shows how God is outside of time and past, present, future don't exist with Him.

Also, my devotional notes asked;

"How do I responid to Jesus, the King? Do I worship him? Do I celebrate HIs birth, life, death and resurrection? What do I bring to give to Him?"

I want to give Him the firstfruits of my everything. My day, my week, my life.

Shailey said...

"After the wise men were gone an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. "Get up and flee to Egypt with the child and his mother" the angel said. "Stay there until I tell you to return because Herod is trying to kill the child." v13

God apeard to Joseph to save Jesus because Jesus is his son, that
would save all people if they
belive he is Gods son.

Jude said...

The words of prophesy stood out as the comfirmed God's plan, his planning, his hand guiding the happenings of the world, his brilliant sense of timing. It is just so very good to take a deep breathe again and know that he is in control.

Chris said...

So glad that the Magi were all on the same page... listening to the dream and obeying God's message to go another way... glad they didn't ignore it, or brush it off as unimportant. Am I listening for His voice? I need to be still and quiet more often!

I like the tenses that you picked out, Nichole. Very cool.