Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Samuel 20


Berry Girl said...

I love these guys.

First, there's David's humility before Jonathan...he tells Jonathan to kill him himself if he (David) is in the wrong. In the end, he bows to Jonathan 3 times, still acknowledging that Jonathan is the prince.

Then, there's Jonathan's love for David...he already knows that David is meant to be the king - has been appointed by God. "He loved him as he loved his own life". What a beautiful friendship.

I love the covenant that they enter into - to protect each other, and their families are bound to this through the generations.

"they wept together, but David wept the more". What a heartbreaking scene. Their love for each other just grips me - I love those friendships that I have where I have that kind of fierce loyalty and love (whether it shows or not). I thank God frequently for the amazing friendships that He has given to me.

Prairie Chick said...

Saul has TOTALLY flipped. Yeesh. so out of control as to try to kill his own son in his unbridled rage and jealousy. So disturbing, and so sad considering all he could have been and become if he would have submitted to the Lordship of the one who made him king in the first place. My mother is much like this. Not to the point of killing me, but figuratively speaking, killing the memory of me in order to keep scrambling in her effort to create her own perfect kingdom, anything coming in the way of her ambitions or dreams was just fodder for the fire. So sad. If an ambition or dream is from the Lord then He will bring it about in a way that honors His name, period. I love Jonathan. Love, love love him, he has to be my favorite bible character of all time. I am sure he was not perfect, but every story we have of him he exercised faith, selflessness, courage and devotion.