Friday, March 6, 2009

Jeremiah 3


Prairie Chick said...

"I will stop being angry at you, because I am full of mercy," says the Lord. I will not be angry with you forever. Al you have to do is admit your sin-" v12-13

how come admitting our sin is such a stick in your throat kind of thing for us? really, when mercy and grace are waiting there to be poured out, you'd think it wouldn't be something we fight tooth and nail. It reminds me of my little guys, when they are around 3-5 years old and go through that stage where they are afraid to tell the truth, because they are afraid of disappointing or getting in trouble. And yet the truth is that noone has ever been punished for something they have ADMITTED and asked forgiveness for in this house, those are the character qualities (confession and repentance) that open the doors to grace and mercy. And yet it even though this truth has been played out for them time and time again, they still balk to confess and repent.

Berry Girl said...

my Bible notes say this:
If a husband divorces - such a man was not to take that woman again as his wife, for this would defile her (Dt.24:4)...Jeremiah uses this analogy to picture Israel as a harlot in the spiritual realm...yet the Lord would graciously receive Israel or Judah back as His wife if she would repent...though God hates divorce, it is tolerated for unrepentant adultery.

There are a lot of references back to Hosea, who was specifically instructed to restore Gomer as his wife even though she was guilty of terrible adultery. A living picture of God taking back His wicked and adulterous people.