Friday, March 13, 2009

Jeremiah 4

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Prairie Chick said...

"Judah, what are you doing? Why do you put on your finest dress and decorate yourself with gold jewelry? Why do you put color around your eyes? You make yourself beautiful, but it is all useless. Your lovers hate you, they want to kill you." V30

I remember this passage from last time I read it, some years ago now. It truly made me think about the world of marketing and what it has done to our culture. B-Girl, we were just talking about this last night... how it can make most anything look "cool and desirable" and mold our wants and self image.

Some years ago I decided to not "surf" through magazines, catalogs, flyers or watch commercials. To not feast on images of stuff, but just when I NEEDED something to go looking for it. It has changed me a lot. I don't have a clue about fashion, and really couldn't care less. One thing is certain, I am not living anymore in a spirit of coveting things that are going to improve my "image". I'm much more concerned about shaping and fashioning my heart to one that is soft and beautiful, and heaven knows that takes ALOT of attention. I often think I could stand to give a little more attention to my appearance and dress, etc. But I guess if something has to give, I'll choose to let go of the that bondage, cause I know that even if I did concern myself with it more, I would still become more and more consumed with it, and it would never bring true satisfaction because the marketers aren't out to satisfy, they are out to create a demand for more, more, more and that is why modes and fashions come and go as quickly as leaves in spring and fall.