Friday, March 20, 2009

Jeremiah 5

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Prairie Chick said...

"Surely they understand the way of the Lord and know what God wants them to do." But even the leaders had... broken their ties with Him. v5

How sad. Breaking ties is like following out of fellowship. Being in fellowship is being regularly in a person's presence. Is our own christian culture in danger of breaking ties with the Lover of our souls by succumbing to busy-ness and other pursuits? Let it not be.

Go along and cut down Judah's vineyards, but do not completely destroy them. v10

This is grace in action. Justice and wrath, tempered with undeserved grace.

"These people have lied about the Lord and said, "He will not do anything to us! Nothing bad will happen to us! We will never see war or hunger!" v12

How we pull the wool over our own eyes and try to justify our actions and think we "really are not so bad... we've got God on our side..." all the while doing our own thing and disregarding Him completely?

"Yet even then," says the Lord, "I will not destroy you completely." Once again, His Amazing Grace.

and yet...

"You should shake with fear in my presence." v22

The Lord gives autumn and spring rains in their seasons, and makes sure we have the harvest at the right time. But your evil has kept away both rain and harvest. Your sins have kept you from enjoying good things. v25


A terrible and shocking thing has happened in the land of Judah... and my people love it this way. But what will you do when the end comes? v31

What a wake up call.