Friday, March 27, 2009

Jeremiah 6

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Prairie Chick said...

Jerusalem pours out her evil as a well pours out its water. v7

Such a haunting simile. How truths so graphic can be written with such a hauntingly beautiful undertone always astounds me.

"To whom can I speak? Whom can I warn? Who will listen to me? The people of Israel have closed ears, so they cannot hear my warnings. They don't like the word of the Lord, they don't want to listen to it!" v 10

I listened to a sermon recently where Mark Driscoll preached on selective obedience. The way we open up our bibles and yet stop up our ears and eyes when we don't really want to hear what the passage in question is saying to us. We look at it as a text written only to "someone else" when we are not ready to change our OWN actions that mirror the character in question. Sometimes we just refuse to read entire passages all together or if we don't refuse to READ them, we refuse the HEED them. I think I was like that for YEARS with Romans 15.

"They tried to heal my people's serious injuries as if they were small wounds. They said, "It's all right, it's all right.' But really, it is not all right. They should be ashamed of the terrible way they act but they are not ashamed at all. T?hey don't even know how to blush about their sins." v14-15

Jeremiah rocks. Talk about not pulling any punches.