Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1 Chronicles 27

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Prairie Chick said...

I guess the thing that stuck with me from this chapter (or the only thing I can remember over 14 hours after reading it anyway) was the displeasure God took in the census. I thought a bit about it today. Kind of got me thinking how God doesn't want us to get proud about how far we have come, but to be humble, and to look ahead at how much we still need to grow. To not get complacent and "secure" in our strength... but to throw ourselves on Him and to realize that without Him we're nothing.

I'm always amazed when one small sentence in a big otherwise MEGO inducing (makes-eyes-glaze-over) chapter can get so much mileage when you start to really think about it. Makes me never want to skip any chapter just because it seems to be full of names and places and numbers that I think will be irrelevant to me.