Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1 Samuel 28


Prairie Chick said...

So creepy.

I also always find it funny how so often the bible says something along the lines of; "she quickly killed a fat calf, made some bread and put the food before them." I can't see myself "quickly" butchering a sheep and making bread and getting it on the table for my surprise company, goes to show we should probably chill out a bit more about entertaining people on the fly (I don't get nervous about this actually, I don't feel the need to impress, if someone is willing to share a bite with us we are more than happy to share our humble but happy spread).

Berry Girl said...

lolol - I had that same thought when I read that part - "she quickly slaughtered it..." really? How quickly is "quickly"? Saul was probably starving...how long did that take (lol).

What a tragic beginning of the end. I'm just amazed that Saul is "swearing" by the Lord that no harm will come to the witch...blasphemous.