Monday, April 20, 2009

Exodus 26


Prairie Chick said...

okay, that's a whole lot of detail. All I can think to take from this is that God cares about detail, and He is a God of order, and in all the ways I need to "grow up to be like Him", working in a way that cares about detail and strives for order and attention to detail in my every day life is one way I can do that. I can bring Him glory and good testimony by being orderly and worshiping Him *through* the work of my hands. I go in rises and swells where I "know" this and practice it, and then spells where everything spirals into chaos and I live in a virtual cloud of not wanting to focus on the work of my hands or be truly conscious of all the ways that I am slacking. Right now I feel like I am slowly fighting my way back to a place of realization that my work here at home is a act of service to Him, a spiritual act of worship. I don't know why it is so easy to lose track of that sometimes, yeesh.

Berry Girl said...

wow. you're good. see, this is one of the reasons that I wish I were more like you *grin* I read this chapter, or at least I started to read it, and then I skimmed it, and then I thought, wow, that was not very interesting. and I moved on (lol)

I love the ways that you can pull something significant out of a passage like this - you're awesome.

Prairie Chick said...

LOL! Thanks, I take it as a great compliment considering my eyes also glazed over. I didn't read it word for word... I just skimmed it and sat there and thought, now what the *heck* can this possibly teach me about God and life? There's always somethin'.