Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 Chronicles 8


Prairie Chick said...

I contemplated verse 11 at length today. Rather two faced of Solomon I would think. "I'll keep myself set apart and sanctified in *this* place, but in the home I've made for me and my pagan wife, anything goes." I think we do the same thing with church and home. We read things or watch things, or talk about things or think things in private that we would be utterly humiliated to read, watch, talk about or have our thoughts exposed at church or in intimate fellowship with the body. I grew up with two facedness to the extreme and for good or bad it has made me quite extreme in my choices. The last thing I want to be is two faced.

Berry Girl said...

that part gave me pause too. these men and their pagan wives...what was the deal with that (lol)