Friday, June 19, 2009

Jeremiah 18


Berry Girl said...

I just love this illustration of the potter and the clay - how he's working on it and it gets wrecked, but he reforms it into something that still pleases him.

I love this picture of us and God. how even when we mess up, are selfish, disobedient, when we repent He is still able to fashion us into something that pleases Him.


I also find it interesting how God talks about His sovereignty. How even if He's promised judgement, if there is repentance then He will give blessing instead. And vice versa. I find God's sovereignty very easy to grasp...other aspects maybe not so much...

Prairie Chick said...

I read this chapter in such a different light. Such a sad light. The whole time I had Romans chapter 9 in mind. How God chose Israel, but Israel through her stubborness alienated God and God chose to do something different with all those "good plans" He had. It's so sad to me that his "reformation" of the clay was not making something beautiful out of stubborn Israel, it was crushing that, and doing something entirely different for His glory. The fact that Israel missed out on His blessing and purpose just wrings my heart.

And how often do I do the same thing? How often does God have to turn to someone else to pour His blessing and purpose out upon because I am resisting His shaping and moulding of me for His purposes. I pray that it won't be so.

The last verse is so sad. "AT that awful time they will not see me coming to help them; they will see me leaving."