Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 Timothy 5


Prairie Chick said...

"Besides that, they learn to waste their time, going from house to house.... So I want the younger widows to marry, have children and manage their homes." v13-14

Ouch. I mean, I know I'm not a widow, but this is what God really convicted me of last winter, and not even in relation to this verse, He just really flat out brought it home to me that I was violating this verse. I was treating my time very loosely, going around from home to home coffeing and socializing without the bat of an eyelash and NOT managing my home.

So this winter I decided to treat my job (managing my home and raising my kids as this verse says) like anyone else who had a job and stay home during working hours and get it done dilligently.

Well, I've stayed home and I've definitely been working on it, but I still fritter away my time at home and am not proud of the job I am doing in the home management department. I want to be proud of my work. I want to give it priority and I want to excel. I want my husband to feel that making a lovely home for him and for us is at the top of my list of priorities and I want us to be able to enjoy the fruit of my labors. I know it's my calling and I know I need to passionately pursue it in order to glorify God in the daily.

I'm working on it.

Berry Girl said...

well, I *was* going to go with verse 23 "no longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach..."

but the same thing has niggled at me from time to time about the home.
I treasure my coffeeing times, and I've not found that to be my problem for the most part. My bigger problem is the way that I fritter away my time while I'm at home.
And I console myself by thinking "I'm just so tired, and that kid is still not giving me consistent rest", but that's just not a great excuse anymore.
Besides, it doesn't seem like the sleep problem is going away any time soon, so I need to adapt to it and just get things done already. Nap when I really have to, and GET STUFF DONE.
Because you're right, it is a job. And I do my "work" job as quickly and efficiently as I can, so why don't I do the same with the dishes and laundry and floor cleaning and organizing?