Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 Samuel 7


Prairie Chick said...

"Then King David went in and sat in front of the Lord. David said, "Lord God, who am I? What is my family? Why did you bring me to this point? But even this is not enough for you, Lord God. You have also made promises about my future family. This is not normal, Lord God. What more can I say to you, Lord God, since you know me, your servant, so well!" v18-20

What a beautiful confirmation of what God was just revealing to me in the last chapter. Even in this passage where God did not speak directly to David, through the prophet, He gave a very personal message, and what did David do? He drew as near as He could (in front of the Holy of Holies) and communed with God. Marveled at how God had reached out and communicated with him on such a personal level and made such amazing promises and poured out such blessing.

Now what? Now again I say, I will be the one to draw near and sit in front of the Lord today and praise Him for who He is and what He has done and what He is going to do.


Berry Girl said...

what a beautiful chapter. I love how David is going off with the best of intentions, and is lovingly corrected by God - (a) David is not the one to build the House of the Lord; and (b) God had never ASKED for a house as yet.

God's promises to David are beautiful: Rest from his enemies; a place for Israel; a son who's kingdom God would establish forever, from whom God's lovingkindess would never depart; that David's house and kingdom would endure before the Lord forever.

I love David's humility, but that he fully accepted God's promises to him.

I love that we can see the ways that God fulfilled those promises - in Solomon, in the line of David that finishes with Jesus.

It's important for me to remember God's promises to me, and to remember the ways that He has fulfilled them.