Thursday, July 9, 2009

Psalm 45


Prairie Chick said...

"The princess is very beautiful. Her gown is woven with gold. IN her beautiful clothes she is brought to the king. Her bridesmaids follower behind her and they are also brought to him. They come with happines and joy; they enter the king's palace."

This verse just gave me goosebumps with it's likely prophetic undertones. The church as the bride, being led into her celestial home after the wedding supper of the lamb, with the "bridesmaids" (Israel) following in her train, coming with happiness and joy.

The verse that came to mind in conjunction with this is the passage where John says that the least person in the kingdom of God (the Church) is greater than he (John), who was not himself a part of the church since he died before it's conception. He called himself a "friend of the bridegroom", or in other words, a groomsman. Israel definitely has it's sacred place in relationship to God, and the church hasn't changed that, but the fact remains that our position as the bride of Christ is particular and sacred. So incredibly beautiful.

I've actually been thinking of my relationship to Christ in this light in the past few days. The "romance" of it. He put that spark of passion and longing within us and God designed marriage to reflect the kind of longing and fulfillment that comes from being in a passionate relationship with Him.

Certain words to certain songs just bring to life the "longing" to be reunited, the passion for the personhood of your beloved, and my heart gives that little jump as I experience on some level for him those same feelings of desire and longing that I feel for my husband when we are apart.

To remember that He is my beloved, that His return is imminent. That He is faithful and longing to be reunited with HIs bride and lead her into that palacial home and shower her with goodness and love all the days of eternity. It makes me want to spend a lot more time readying my heart and self for my future role, to bring Him pleasure and return that love.

Berry Girl said...

I loved the poetry of this one too, and the fact that it was actually written for the marriage of a king.

Mostly though, I love how this tied in with the passage we just read about David and God's promise to him - that he would have a kingdom that would not end, promising in fact the Messiah, who would be the ultimate and final ruler from the line of David.
The psalmist alludes to this in vs 6 & 7 - I just love ho different passages reflect each other, especially in the same week :)