Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Job 10


Berry Girl said...

this is so like us. When we are in trouble, or bad things are happening, we ask why? What am I supposed to learn, or what is God trying to teach me by this horrible thing.
Which may sometimes be the case, but I think a lot of the time we are searching in vain for reasons. Sometimes, I think there are no reasons, other than that we live in a fallen world.
And God does not have to answer us.
Tough stuff.

Prairie Chick said...

yeah. A few things stood out to me.

"Does it make you happy to trouble me? Don't you care about me, the work of your hands?" v3

It is precisely BECAUSE we are the work of His hands that He shapes and molds us into His likeness which can ONLY be accomplished through TRANSFORMATION which is almost always a painful process. We want to stay in the cocoon. Safe and warm and unbothered. We fear that moment of being ripped from all we hold dear and standing there vulnerable with new wings that don't yet know how to fly.

"So why did you allow me to be born? I wish I had died before anyone saw me. I wish I had never lived. Leave me alone so I can have a moment of joy." v20

This is absolutely heartbreaking stuff. We would rather be dead than suffer. The ending is what I find really gut wrenching. Apart from God there can be no joy. When we put our joy in other things we will never be fulfilled or satisfied. When we learn to take joy in Him and His promises (even when they are not being fulfilled in the moment) only then do we truly live.