Monday, November 22, 2010

Deuteronomy 1

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Prairie Chick said...

In my intro to Deuteronomy Max compares Deuteronomy to a family standing on the threshold of a child's entering adulthood. They are standing at the side of a packed car, ready to step into the great unknown.

"And so parent and child hesitate at the side of the car. There's no time to teach new truths. There's no time to instill values or lay foundations. There is only one word that can be said- Remember. Remember who loves you. Remember what matters. Remember what is right and what is wrong. Remember.

IN Deuteronomy Israel is about to make a transition. From Moses to Joshua. From the wilderness to the Promised Land. From nomads to farmers. From people with no land to people of the land.

God wants them to stay faithful. Stay distinctive. God didn't want them to forget."