Saturday, December 4, 2010

Matthew 25


Shailey said...

"Jesus told them,"Don't let anyone mislead you.For many will come in my name saying,'I am the Messiah'.They will lead many astray."vs 4-5

It would be very confusing being there with so many people saying 'I am the Messiah'.But I think if you clear your mind and trust in God he will lead you and tell you where to go,even now Satan tricks you,or tries to,into doing something wrong.

Elisa said...

"Then people will hand you over to be treated badly and killed.All nations will hate you because of me." vs-9

God warns the disciples that if they followed him they would go through a lot of pain,noncristian people would hate them and kill them.

Prairie Chick said...

Accidentally assigned the wrong chapter to my girls to read last night, they were not happy with me when they got on here to comment.

Hard truths in chapter 25. Lots of hard truths. It shows that God really does care about our actions matching our faith. In essence, our actions are the fruit of our faith.

The part that kind of smacked me the hardest was they way my translation expresses Jesus response to the unprepared bridesmaids; "I tell you the truth, I don't want to know you."

Oh my. That is so sad. I loved studying the Jewish wedding system and how it is a picture of Christ and the church. There are SO MANY little things that line up and help us to understand various obscure scriptures about the second coming of Christ and the marriage supper of the lamb and all of this. If anyone is interested in looking into that further, check out this short study by Messianic teacher Arnold Fruchtenbaum; scroll down to MBS113, click on that code number and a pdf file will open up.

That study also sheds light on the whole betrothal period and coming of Christ to claim His bride, the rapture, etc, etc. It's good stuff.