Saturday, December 18, 2010

Matthew 27


Prairie Chick said...

"All the people answered, "We and our children will be responsible for his death." v25.

Oh and were they ever. I remember doing a study on Israelology some years back and how the second coming (not the rapture) the actual coming of Christ to deliver Israel from her enemies and set up His kingdom is hinged on the turning of the tide when Israel as a nation repents and mourns when they realize that they did crucify the Messiah, and then they will cry out for His redemption and THEN the age will end and Christ will return.

It was an amazing study. I went back to look it up just now and the key verses for anyone interested were;

Zech 12:10
Hosea 5:15
Mat 23:37-39

If anyone is interested in this topic, of the difference between God's working with the church and with Israel, and the basis of the second coming of Christ (not the rapture) check out this study, it's found at

it's the second study from the bottom titled mbs003.

Shailey said...

"when Judas,who had betrayed Jesus,realized that Jesus had been condemned to die,he was filled with remorse.So he took the thirty pieces of silver back to the leading priests and other leaders."vs 3

Judas just wanted to get the money but when he found out that Jesus was to die he hanged himself.We shouldn't do things just to get money or other things for in the end something may happen that you didn't want to happen.

Elisa said...

Then Pilate asked Him."Don't you hear the charges they are bringing against you?" But Jesus made no reply, not even to a single charge.The governor was really amazed. vs 13-14

Jesus knew He needed to die for us, so even though He could have sent angels to help Him, He died on the cross.

Chris said...

vs3-4 - 'when Judas... saw that Jesus was condemned' I had a new thought here- Do you think Judas assumed that though he betrayed Jesus, Jesus testimony would stand on it's own since he was innocent, and that he would eventually be set free? I know Jesus kept telling his disciples he would die, but they didn't seem to clue into that either.

Prairie Chick said...

Totally. I don't think Judas imagined for a minute that his "betrayal" was going to end like it did. Thus his immediate and horrific remorse. It seems weird in hindsight but like you said, they really didn't "get" everything He said about being handed over to be killed. I hope our eyes are not so blind to the truths He has imparted to us.