Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1 Chronicles 9


Prairie Chick said...

I was struck by the numbers of those that served in the temple. I am curious to know how the temple system worked, I mean we're talking hundreds of thousands of people calling one temple their worship place. From the little bit I understand about the temple system it was so different from what we call church now so it is hard to wrap one's brain around it. Did they have continual services going on around the clock and people coming and going? The number 1,760 priests 212 men just to guard the gates of the temple... so much service happening around the clock.

I like the verses about the men who were dependable in their jobs and being specially equipped and anointed for special service.

Joan said...

For me it wasn't the numbers that served in the temple but the time and care that went into worship.
My Life application Bible says" Worship was the primary focus of many Israelites, whose vocation centered on the house of the Lord. Worship (appreciating God for his nature and worth) should occupy the core of our lives and not just a few minutes once a week. We too can worship at any time if we stay aware of God's presence and guidance in all situations and if we maintain an attitude of serving him. Build your life around the worship of God rather than making worship just another activity in the busy schedule." Isn't that something we need to all remember.

Prairie Chick said...

that is so good. so true. thanks for sharing it!