Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ecclesiastes 2


Prairie Chick said...

This is such an amazing chapter. It really shows where our focus needs to be. Not to work to amass treasure, but to find joy in all we do, the eating, playing and working. To do it all in the joy of the Lord and in the hope of the Lord with the anticipation of a future life in the presence of the Lord.

Could use a few prayers to find joy today as I am trucking around the city to various appointments with my entire crew. Haven't done that in quite awhile and it sometimes goes great and sometimes is a gong show.

Hope you all have a great day ladies.

Chris said...

definitely lifting you up... that can be a lot... praying for a sweet time of rest somewhere in the middle of your day. :)

I find it interesting that he brings up the whole "I've worked for all of this and now I have to leave it to those who haven't" perspective. Controlling life from the grave is futile and self-seeking. The legacies I want to leave behind are in character, so that's where my focus should lie... with building my own character into something worth modelling by my children and those I meet...not that they would be like me, but that we would be like Christ.

Joan said...

After all that -I like that he gives us vs. 24-26.
Is Solomon recommending we make life a big, irresponsible party? No, he is encouraging us to take pleasure in what we're doing now and to enjoy life because it comes from God's hand. True enjoyment in life comes only as we follow God's guidelines for living. Without him, satisfaction is a lost search. Those who really know how to enjoy life are the ones who take life each day as a gift from God, thanking him for it and serving him in it. Those without God will have no relief from toil and no direction to guide them through life's complications. Life Application Bible.

Prayed for a "joyful" day for you PC.

Prairie Chick said...

I wanted to thank you for the prayers yesterday, ladies, the kids were AMAZING and a very long day with lots of stops and office time went off without a hitch. So much nicer than the days when they are climbing the walls.