Monday, February 21, 2011

Deuteronomy 14


Prairie Chick said...

I am wondering if I am understanding this chapter right. What I see happening here is the Israelites being commanded to bring one tenth of their gain to use in a type of thanksgiving celebration, a worship service, a huge party in verses 22-27

And then in the later verses we see another commandment to bring a tenth of their yearly gain every THIRD year and gift it as a gift offering to cover the expenses of the temple and the priests. I'm not sure this particular section has ever really registered with me before.

Joan said...

I understand that that Bible wants us to tithe to teach us to fear the Lord and to put him first in our lives. vs. 22-23.
However vs. 24-27 - I would agree with you PC that it was for a huge party. Not sure what that's all about.
Then in vs 28-29 it's all about using your tithe to care for the poor. It was everyone's responsibility to care for those less fortunate. I found it interesting that they did that only every 3rd year. What about the other years?
LAB says we should look BEYOND our regular giving and think of ways to help the needy. Does looking "beyond" mean over and above? I would think so. What do you all think? This is also a practical and essential way to make faith work in everyday life.

Have a good family day everyone. We had ours yesterday. So much fun to all be together.

Prairie Chick said...

just did a topical search on verses that deal with tithing. Deu 26:12-15 also refers to the third year as the "year of tithing", this is a completely new concept to me, I have never noticed it before...

I found this article very helpful;

Prairie Chick said...

hmmm... just noticed that article is published by the United Church of God... (ie, read with discretion) which is what kind of shows it's colors in the "what about today" paragraph at the end. But the outline of the verses and the Josephus references throughout most of the article were helpful to me, nonetheless.

Berry Girl said...

my Bible notes say that the yearly tithe was agricultural produce that the land produced, to be used for the "celebration of convocations of worship at the sanctuary".
The 3yr tithe was to be taken to individual cities to be used to feed the Levites, orphans, widows, & the stranger. Kind of a "welfare" tithe.
does that help at all?