Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ecclesiastes 4


Prairie Chick said...

"I realized the reason people work hard and try to succeed: They are jealous of each other. This too, is useless, like chasing the wind." v4

"...I say it is better to be content with what little you have. Otherwise you will always be struggling for more, and that is like chasing the wind." v6

This is a very, very profound chapter. It outlines the root of sorrow for mankind, this constant desire for "more" and this lack of satisfaction, thanks, delight in what we have. Mankind is so busy pursuing earthly gain that there is no time to recognize the miracle of life and in each moment and heavenly gift that make up our existence.

I love this chapter, it speaks to my soul.

Chris said...

"Better one handful with tranquillity than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind."

Here toil takes on a negative definition... not just 'working' but completely focused on attaining 'more'.
9-12 reminds me that God was not content with man alone on the earth... that we are to be in relationships, constantly giving and receiving.
Wondering if 13-16 is referring to specific people or just a pondering of Solomon... anyone?