Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Job 20


Berry Girl said...

I think at this point I'm just wondering why these guys can't come up with any better argument than that Job is so obviously sinful. I would think, that if they were his friends, then they would have a decent idea as to his wickedness/goodness.

Prairie Chick said...

"you correct me and I am insulted..."
Job 20:3

Isn't this inevitably the case? If someone says something that we find the least bit "correctional" we take offense and get insulted. Like, "who do they think they are to try to tell me anything?"

And yet in Psalms we see that the wise man knows how to receive correction (even when it is misplaced) with grace and humility. Grace and humility. Two character traits that I REALLY want to develop more and more of in my life.

Chris said...

yes, but isn't it hard to ask God for more grace and humility? It seems inevitable that He will answer your prayers with more instances to show grace and humility (aka= TRIALS). ugh