Thursday, April 28, 2011

Song of Solomon 3


Prairie Chick said...

still going over my notes from The Peasant Princess Project while reading through this.

my notes for verse 1 were;
Face Your Fears. Remember that you are God’s and he is God’s. Your home is God’s and your family is God’s. Therefore God is in control. He’s got you covered. Don’t let fear or worry of loss have any place in your heart. In Him we live and move and have our being, so live and move, and BE and trust.

for verse 7;
Anticipate. Remember when you used to stand at the window, watching for him to come driving up the road? Lost in the moment and thoughts of him? When you used to not only stop what you were doing to meet him at the door, but that you couldn’t WAIT for him to reach the step? Anticipate his arrival. Be ready for it, be excited about it, and show him.

and for verse 11;
Be His Bride. Remember the look on his face when you started walking up that aisle toward him? How happy you both were? Try to recreate that happiness by acting like a bride, and treating him like your groom even now. Be his crown.

I have to be honest, I find so much in this book that I could and should work on, but I feel like when I walk away from it I am like the person who looked in the mirror and then walked and way and promptly forgot what she looked like. The romance gets lost in the details of life so often. I have to pray hard about this one.

Prairie Chick said...

"Who is this sweeping in from the desert like a cloud of smoke along the ground?Who is it that smells of myrrh and frankincense and every other spice?Look it is Solomon's carriage,with 60 of Israel's mightiest men surrounding it.They are all skilled swordsmen and experienced warriors."v 6-8

Solomon had so many things and was very powerful and happy,I would love to live like Solomon,have so many wonderful things,servants to serve on me and so on.I don't need to be sad that I don't have all those things because one day I will be even richer than Solomon because when we die we will be in heaven with God.
for the past few days I've been thinking of death,I used to be so afraid of dying but when we go to heaven we will be much more happy than here on earth and I can't wait to die (not that I would kill myself,for God knows when it is the right time for us to go to heaven).