Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 Corinthians 11


Prairie Chick said...

"Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." v1

Prime example of discipleship. Sooooooo lacking in our NA church scene. Everyone is left to his own devices to fight out their way to follow Christ, but God meant for us to have "big brothers" and "big sisters" if you will, like Paul and all of the apostles set the example for. They discipled people who discipled other people, who in turn were to carry on that legacy and disciple others.

Discipling is "guiding someone to be a follower of Jesus". It's not a 6 week course, it's a lifestyle. Each one of us is on a journey and some of us are a bit farther along the road than others. Those who are ahead on the path are called to set the example and serve as guides and coaches to those behind. Too often we are all stumbling along, just trying to find our own way, not feeling equipped to "carry a light" for another because we feel pretty much in the dark ourselves. This is not the way God intended his children to walk. God has placed a passion in my heart to reach out to others and encourage them in His truths and promises. He has placed a longing in my heart to have older, wiser, more experienced people to lean on, learn from, grow with. We were never meant to walk alone.

Prairie Chick said...

I also love the picture of "right place" that is expressed throughout the first section of the chapter. Our "right place" be it male or female is to be humble, to be unassuming, and to be submissive and gentle. It's a beautiful way to be.