Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Job 33


Shailey said...

"'Look,you and I are the same before God.I,too,was formed from clay.So so you don't need to be afraid of me.'" v 6-7

Everybody is equal to God,he doesn't love anybody more than someone else, we do not have to be afraid of other people for they are made from the same thing as we are.We never need to be afraid of anybody else because God will protect us from them,God is more powerful than anyone and loves us very much,so he will protect us. Sometimes though God doesn't protect us from people but you don't need to get worried about because God has a plan for us,he Knows what is going to happen.

Prairie Chick said...

I love this chapter. B-Girl, you said last week; "well, I don't know if we can include this guy in those who were inspired by God. He claims that his words were from the Lord, but it is really just his opinion that he's speaking. But we will see that in the next few chapters."

I'm wondering more of your thoughts on this. As I look into his words, I do get the impression there is great truth here, inspired truth even (v23-28). I see him as being wise for his years, zealous maybe (although he did hold his tongue until the rest were all finished so I'm not sure that his zeal is wrongful).

I see him expounding the sovreignty of God, and putting man in right relationship to God. I see him being respectful, but direct and I see truth and wisdom in his words. The one fault that I do find with him is that he could be considered strong on the truth and soft on the compassion but that could be just nuances and culture and lack of understanding on my part.

My favorite part of this chapter was;

"But there may be an angel to speak for him... the angel will beg for mercy and say; 'Save him from death. I have found a way to pay for his life'. It will return to the wy it was when he was young... He will see God's face and will shout with happiness. And God will set things right for him again. Then he will say to others, 'I sinned and twisted what was right, but I did not receive the punishment I should have received. God bought my life back from death and I will continue to enjoy life.' v23-2

Hallelujah, what a Savior!