Saturday, May 7, 2011

Luke 3

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Prairie Chick said...

"at this time the word of God came to John..." v2

this verse really jumped out at me. the speaker this weekend received so many "words" from the Lord that it seemed commonplace and regular for her. I found myself feeling a bit cynical or sceptical at times, like "really... ??" but then as I was thinking about it, I thought if she is in such a habit of communing with God in such a way, why WOULDN'T He commune right back at her in ways that minister to her heart? I have experienced moments like that in my life too, and if I am not experiencing them regularly maybe it is only due to the fact that *I* am not seeking to commune with God in that way and that is *my* bad. Not that I feel I *need* regular "words from the Lord" in some prophetic or mystical sense, but just to be so intimate with Him that I would see Him and sense Him everywhere and be so in tune to what He is saying to me. If I don't turn down or tune out the distractions, who knows what I am all missing?