Saturday, May 28, 2011

Luke 6


Chris said...

What a full chapter!! When Jesus references David, I went back to read Samuel , and read a verse 1 Sam 21:5 that says that even on an ordinary journey Davids companions were kept 'clean'... That david already knew how important it was to stay focused and dedicated to a task, and so was ready and permitted to take the holy bread. As vessels of gods holy spirit, do we stay on track like that? What a challenge!

Prairie Chick said...

A very full chapter, indeed. i was struck by the nitpicking over externals at the beginning. I can be such a nitpicker, I despise that about myself. And the admonishment to not judge at the end, to keep yourself busy looking inward in taking care of business within. period.

Love your thoughts too, Chris and what a blessing to see you here this morning.