Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5-11

Please feel free to leave any discussion questions or comments from the weeks reading under this one post heading.

Monday; (Law) Deuteronomy 28
Tuesday, (Rulers) 2 Chronicles 1
Wednesday; (History) Job 37
Thursday; (Wisdom) Song of Solomon 8
Friday; (Prophets) Daniel 11
Sat; (Gospels) Luke 7
Sunday; (Epistles) 1 Corinthians 14


Prairie Chick said...

1 Corinthians 14:3-4 but those who prophesy are speaking to people to give them strength, encouragement, and comfort. The ones who speak in different languages are helping only themselves, but those who prophesy are helping the whole church."

v12b "seek most of all to have the gifts that help the church grow stronger."

What a gift to attain to. to speak words that strengthen, encourage and comfort. This moves me. I want to be this kind of person.

It's funny, I am really enjoying the Beth Moore study I am doing (it is the one on the fruit of the Spirit Joan, it's called Living Beyond Yourself), but I miss reading an entire chapter in context. The funny thing is that in my bible study portion for today it was on the filling of the Holy Spirit and it did quote from another passage where it showed that not all will speak in tongues. You have to wonder why some people believe that the filling of the Spirit will result in all speaking in tongues.

Prairie Chick said...

oh and I meant to add, that I did a word study on the word "prophesy". "to speak under inspiration" is part of the definition. If we are speaking under inspiration, we will be proclaiming truth, and truth will set people free. It's an empowering office.

Berry Girl said...

Job 37
This is where Elihu finally starts to make sense to me :) I love how his descriptions of God - how unknowable He is, how powerful, how we are not in a position to question Him - set up for the next section in which God finally speaks to Job.

Berry Girl said...

Luke 7
I love the Centurion's faith and humility. How he feels unworthy to have Jesus under his roof, but still has the faith that Jesus can and will heal his servant.
Examples like this from the Bible always pressure my heart. I'm jealous of that kind of faith.

Prairie Chick said...

a good kind of jealous :)