Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To Whom it May Concern

I am here.  I will continue to post the weekly reading schedule and daily reading post titles for whoever desires it.

For those who desire to follow my general plan on their own initiative without having to check into the webiste, I separate the books of my bible into the following sections; Monday (Law): Genesis-Joshua; Tuesday (Rulers): Judges-Chronicles; Wednesday (History): Ezra-Psalms; Thursday (Wisdom): Proverbs-Jeremiah; Friday (Prophets): Lamentations-Malachi; Saturday (Gospels): Matthew-Acts; Sunday (Epistles) Romans-Revelation.

I will post this general reading plan in the column of this blog for future reference.  I keep post it note bookmarks at each chapter I am currently at in my bible with the first and last book for each section written in abbreviated form on the bookmark.  Then when I get to the end of one of the sections I am reminded to move the bookmark back to the first book in that section.

I will not be posting comments on here for the time being as I have agreed to do a Beth Moore Bible study with a group of women and it is going to require an hour of study per day on my part.  I will still interact gladly with anyone who shows up here and enjoy any fellowship that you offer.  Let me know if you have any needs or prayer requests, I pray for you all regularly, for your spiritual growth, physical well being and God's peace, joy and blessing in your lives.

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Joan said...

Thanks so much for all your comments. They've always blessed me and given me insight into the scripture. Hope you enjoy your Beth Moore study.