Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dec 19-25

Monday: Joshua 22
Tuesday: 2 Chronicles 30
Wednesday: Psalm 23
Thursday: Isaiah 27
Friday: Obadiah
Saturday: John 11
Sunday: Phillipians 1


Prairie Chick said...

Josh 22:34 And the people of Reuben and Gad named the altar Proof That We Believe the Lord Is God.

the proof is in the pudding. what "proof" do I have in my life that is evident to those looking on that I believe the Lord is God and that I choose to shape my life choices based on that reality? Do the choices I make, the words I say, the prayers I pray, the love I express, show that I am being molded to a different pattern than that of this world?

Prairie Chick said...

2 chr 30:2 King Hezekiah, his officers, and all the people in Jerusalem agreed to celebrate the Passover in the second month.3 They could not celebrate it at the normal time, because not enough priests had made themselves ready to serve the Lord, and the people had not yet gathered in Jerusalem.

23 Then all the people agreed to stay seven more days, so they celebrated with joy for seven more days.24 Hezekiah king of Judah gave one thousand bulls and seven thousand sheep to the people. The officers gave one thousand bulls and ten thousand sheep to the people. Many priests made themselves holy.25 All the people of Judah, the priests, the Levites, those who came from Israel, the foreigners from Israel, and the foreigners living in Judah were very happy.26 There was much joy in Jerusalem, because there had not been a celebration like this since the time of Solomon son of David and king of Israel.


Prairie Chick said...

Psalm 23:5 Footnote from Amplified Bible. "It is difficult for those living in a temperate climate to appreciate, but it was customary in hot climates to anoint the body with oil to protect it from excessive perspiration. When mixed with perfume, the oil imparted a delightfully refreshing and invigorating sensation. Athletes anointed their bodies as a matter of course before running a race. As the body, therefore, anointed with oil was refreshed, invigorated, and better fitted for action, so the Lord would anoint His "sheep" with the Holy Spirit, Whom oil symbolizes, to fit them to engage more freely in His service and run in the way He directs--in heavenly fellowship with Him."

Prairie Chick said...

Isaiah 27

I love Israel in prophecy. Dispersed yes, downtrodden yes, but only so that they will lift their heads and look to the one who desires to gather them. God does not desire to punish His children, He desires intimacy with them, sometimes it is only through discipline that we draw close to Him. How I have seen this with the sometimes stubborn hearts of my own children, and in my own life.

Prairie Chick said...

Obadiah 1:21 And the kingdom will belong to the Lord.

what a climax!!!!

footnote: Edom, or Seir, was the country southeast of Judah extending from the Dead Sea to the eastern arm of the Red Sea. It included the city of Petra. The country of Moab formed Edom's boundary on the north, and the descendants of Esau constituted its population. Edom and Moab have a remarkably prominent place in prophecy as "the scene of the final destruction of Gentile world power in the day of the Lord," as revealed in the Scripture references accompanying Obad. 1 (which are important for the full, vivid picture of what lies ahead for the nations of the world).

Prairie Chick said...

John 11:9 Jesus answered, "Are there not twelve hours in the day? If anyone walks in the daylight, he will not stumble, because he can see by this world's light. 10 But if anyone walks at night, he stumbles because there is no light to help him see."

drawing a blank on how this applied. Anyone?

16 Then Thomas (the one called Didymus) said to the other followers, "Let us also go so that we can die with him."

also totally don't get how this fits in...

It moves me how moved and touched and upset Jesus was by the suffering of Mary and Martha.

Lois said...

The Quest Bible notes say that "Jesus' disciples were concerned that he might be killed if he went back to Judea. He calmed their fears by using an analogy to something they knew. The day was divided into two twelve-hour periods -- daylight and darkness. Just as the hours of daylight and darkness were fixed, so the length of Jesus' earthly ministry were preordained."

I wonder if his disciples got it at the time, or if it was one of those things where they thought back and realized what he had meant afterward. There seem to be a lot of examples of that happening.

I think Thomas was a bit of a pessimist, but a brave one. He was convinced that Jesus' would die if he went back, but Thomas was willing to go with him and die too. He was assuming they would probably kill Jesus' disciples as well. Or am I missing something here?

Prairie Chick said...

thanks for sharing that, Lois! makes perfect sense now :) I like your thoughts on Thomas.

Prairie Chick said...

phil 1:29 God gave you the honor not only of believing in Christ but also of suffering for him, both of which bring glory to Christ.

God gave you the honor of suffering for Him. Wow. How does that fit in with the prosperity gospel....

Lois said...

Good thought, P.C.

I thought of commenting yesterday, but didn't know where to start.... the chapter is packed with so many good things. This is one of my favourite books of the Bible.