Saturday, March 31, 2012

Devotional Acronym

Pastor Darrell and I were having some discussions about discipleship this week and he passed on some information that he had obtained from a workshop he had attended.  I really like it and thought I would post it here with a link in the sidebar for future reference.  I used it when I read Nahum this morning, and it was helpful to organize my thoughts and enable me to journal.  The main idea is to 1. read, 2. summarize (journal a short summary of what the passage was about in your own words) and 3. pledge (write an "I will" type sentence of what you will apply practically in your own life).  The following acronym was offered to help you consider different avenues you can take in nailing down your own "I will" pledge.

S – Is there a Sin to avoid?

P – Is there a promise, a prayer, or praise in this passage?

E – Is there an example to follow (or not follow)?

C – Is there a command to obey?

K – Is there knowledge that I need to retain?

I know some of you have asked me for a more step by step process to help you apply the scriptures to your own life.  I think this might be a good exercise for you to start with.  After time you may find your own groove and way of interacting with the scriptures, or you might find this is a perfect fit for you and continue with it.

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Mac an Rothaich said...

Excellent study plan. We do this as a group at the church I am currently fellowshipping at but we call it SPECKA and have the a for application. Two weeks after our study we get together to talk about what we had planned to apply and how it went.

I really appreciate this type of study style as it helps greatly to go over a scripture a few times, helps me remember more and digest more from the study.