Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31-Aug 6

Monday: Genesis 30
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 1
Wednesday: Psalm 55
Thursday: Isaiah 59
Friday: Zechariah 10
Saturday: Acts 23
Sunday James 4


Prairie Chick said...

1 Samuel 1:10 Though she was resentful, she prayed to the Lord while she cried.

Something i'm learing... to be really, really, REALLY honest with God. He knows how we're feeling anyway... there's no point trying to whitewash it. Beth Moore says, if someone offends you, hurts you, irks you.... TELL God. He can take it, and getting it off your chest to Him is so much better than stewing over it. It's human to be resentful, to get worked up about other people and situations. It's not godly to stifle it, it's godly to admit it and ask God to come into your hurt and restore your joy.

Annette said...

1 Samuel 3:18
So Samuel told him, word for word. He held back nothing.

Eli said, "He is God. Let him do whatever he thinks best."

It's so hard to relinquish control, put our trust in Him, and say, 'Yes, Lord, you know best.' Absolute surrender.

By the way, I'm missing everyone out there.

Prairie Chick said...

Absolute Surrender has been ringing in my ears this past year. Not sure where it came from, but it has been a theme. Sorry I disappeared and didn't put the schedule up last week, I was down and out with an inner ear infection that kept me out of commission for an entire week and through three different types of antibiotics to finally start getting over it. Still deaf (which I don't mind too terribly much) but the pain and nausea has thankfully subsided! I am posting again this week in the aug 19-25 post found above.

Prairie Chick said...

aug 13-19, I mean!