Monday, November 5, 2012

Nov 5-11

Monday: Genesis 44
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 15
Wednesday: Psalm 69
Thursday: Jeremiah 7
Friday: Ezekiel 1 
Saturday: Matthew 9
Sunday Hebrews 13


Prairie Chick said...

Gen 44

the whole change that Judah underwent from the start of this story to the end is beautiful. "When you are ready to give up hope on yourself or someone else, remember that God can work a complete change in even the most selfish personality."

Denise said...

Genesis 44
“When Judah was younger, he had showed no regard for his brother Joseph or his father, Jacob. First he had convinced his brothers to sell Joseph as a slave; then he had joined his brothers in lying to his father about Joseph’s fate. But what a change had taken place in Judah! The man who had sold one favored little brother into slavery now offered to become a slave himself to save another favored little brother. He was so concerned for his father and younger bother that he was willing to die for them. When you are ready to give up hope on yourself or someone else, remember that God can work a complete change in even the most selfish personality.”

This really makes me think of my family who I had previously given up hope for. My family thinks only of themselves – God can totally change that! My family thinks believing in the Bible is ludicrous – God can totally change that! My family does not believe in God – God can change this! Rob actually prayed WITH my mom the other day and she was receptive to it! WOW!!

Prairie Chick said...

I love how God continues to speak to you about your family, Denise, He is calling you to believe, to fight and to intercede for them, and giving you the will and desire to do so. It is wonderful!

Prairie Chick said...

Psalm 69 wow. depressing again.
I liked this part;

"Rescue me, oh God, by Your saving power. Then I will praise God's name with singing, and I will honor Him with thanksgiving.

A few weeks ago I would have related to those cries for rescue, now I feel back in that place of praise. Praise God!!

Denise said...

Psalm 60
"The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who see God's help be encouraged."

Denise said...

Jeremiah 7:19

“This verse answers the question, Who gets hurt when we turn away from God? We do! Separating ourselves from God is like keeping a green plant away from sunlight or water. God is our only source of spiritual strength. Cut yourself off from him, and you cut off life itself.”

Prairie Chick said...

I was so moved by the image of God's glory, the rainbow, the beauty and brightness of it.

"The glory of the Lord appeared like fire and a glowing halo or rainbow to Ezekiel. Ezekiel fell face down overwhelmed by the contrast between God's holiness and his own sinfulness and insignificance. Eventually every person will fall before God either out of reverence and awe for his mercy and (and faithfulness which is what the rainbow represents) or out of fear for his judgment. Based on the way you are living today, how will you respond to God's holiness?"

Prairie Chick said...

This part from my notes stood out to me;

"Jesus didn't reply immediately to the blind men's pleas. He waited to see if they had faith. Not everyone who says he wants help really believes God can help him. Hesus may have waited and questioned these men to emphasize and increase their faith. when you think that God is too slow in answering your prayers, consider that he might be testing you as he did the blind men. Do you believe that God can help you? Do you *really* want his help?.... These blind men were persistent (they did not give up!). They went right into the house where Jesus was staying (they didn't fall back or hold back). They *knew* Jesus could heal them, and they would let nothing stop them from finding him. That's real faith in action. If you believe Jesus is the answer to your every need, don't let anything or anyone stop you from reaching out to him."

Lois said...

This isn't a devotional thought on the Ezekiel chapter -- just more of a side-note. I looked up lapis lazuli -- what a beautiful stone! I thought of some of the wonders of heaven described in various places in the Bible -- the dwelling place of God -- our future home. Wow.