Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec 31-Jan 6

Monday: Exodus 2
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 23
Wednesday: Psalm 77
Thursday: Jeremiah 15
Friday: Ezekiel 9
Saturday: Matthew 17
Sunday: 2 Peter 3


Prairie Chick said...

Exodus 2. I love God's sovreignty. How He orchestrates and weaves His will in and through and around us, using His humble servants, the proud and lofty, whoever. The frightened mom in the Jewish hovel... the proud princess in leaving her regal halls to bathe at the river. God brought the two threads to meet and wove them into His will for His chosen servant and His chosen people. He does the same with us today if we have eyes to see it. this thrills me.

Prairie Chick said...

1 Sam 23 "As true friends David and Jonathan were more than just companions who enjoyed each other's company. They encouraged each other's faith in God and trusted each other with their deepest thoughts and closest confidences. These are the marks of true friendship."

I love that. Any friendship worth having is worth being real and vulnerable and committed for the glory of God. I don't want to just rub shoulders with anyone. I want to touch hearts, and be enriched, both of us, through Him and His purposes in our lives.

Prairie Chick said...

"Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters- a pathway noone knew was there!" Psalm 77:19

I love this. God's way is not the way of least resistance. God's way provides glorious inroads of growth and faith and praise and worship by leading us through the fire, through the flood, and through the spiritual battlefield learning to cling to, trust in, and be MORE than overcomers in the One who has already overcome!

Prairie Chick said...

Jeremiah 15

notes: we are here to influence others for God. not to be influenced by our culture toward the things of this world.

Prairie Chick said...

also contemplating good words, versus worthless words. When you learn to appreciate something of value, you are not going to be satisfied by, and you will be turned off by cheap knock offs. I believe that words of worth are as outlined in Phillipians 4:8; "Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable and right and pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise." Where your mind is, there will your words be also :)

Prairie Chick said...

Ezekiel 9

What a heavy chapter. We never like heavy handed judgement and discipline and life and death consequences. We really like to soften the edges with grace and mercy, but we can't forget that justice and holiness are equally part of God's character. How someone can be gracious and merciful and yet just and holy at the same time is rather beyond our own scope of comprehension. And yet, as we grow, God peels away the layers and reveals Himself to us in continuously new and more amazing ways than we imagined possible. If we are growing, closer to Him, more like Him, more in tune with who He is, we will be continuously amazed by Him.

My notes say; "What is God's glory? It is the manifestation of God's character- His ultimate power, transcendence, and moral perfection. God is completely above humans and their limitations. Yet God reveals Himself to us so that we can worship and follow Him."

I was just thinking of the amazing ways that god revealed Himself to me in 2012. It's amazing how time dulls the senses and the miracles almost get covered over with the sands of time. Someone shared something with me that brought back my spiritual journey with God with sharp clarity, He has been so amazing to invite me into a whole new dimension of relationship that I never even imagined existed. It continuously amazes me how different my relationship is with Him this year than in the past, how rich and real and relational, how the door has been opened for Him to communicate with me in fresh and amazing ways that continue to astound me and knock my socks off as I listen and respond.

The God of the universe desires intimacy with us! He desires to accomplish His purposes through us! He speaks and works and has His way in us! I stand in awe of that.

Prairie Chick said...

Matthew 17. Thinking about Jesus taking Peter, James and John with him when he desired to "depart and be alone". Flipped over to check out who he took with him into the woods in the garden the night before his crucifixion and yes, indeed, the same three men. It appears that these three were somehow Jesus "besties". The ones he was drawn to have near even when he needed solitude. His inner circle. I love the kind of friendships where you just want to be alone, but those friends enrich and don't diminish your solitude. As "besties" these men got to see Jesus in all of his unleashed glory (the transfiguration) and agony (gethsemane). They fellowshipped with him in his high moments and low moments. I want to know Christ and the fellowship of His sufferings. I want to be united to him in the truth of all He is and has done and is going to do. I want to follow Him to the bright places of worship and the low places of transformation.

Prairie Chick said...

this chapter in 2 peter just tied in so well with Pastor Darrell's sermon yesterday. "Every day we must draw closer to Christ to that we will be prepared to stand for truth in any and all circumstances." It really is true how unwittingly twisted teachings can seep in and lead you off course or completely astray if you are not seeped in the character of God, the plans of God, the promises of God and the commands of God. My prayer is that God's church, worldwide, would realize the importance of being STEEPED, IMMERSED AND VERSED in His word, not for the habit of it, not for the "work" of doing it, but for the work it does in us.