Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4-11

Monday: Exodus 7
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 28
Wednesday: Psalm 82
Thursday: Jeremiah 20
Friday: Ezekiel 14
Saturday: Matthew 22
Sunday: 1 John 5


marian said...

I keep wondering what water the Israelites drank?

Lois said...

In vs. 22 it says that the Egyptians dug inland from the river to get water. Are you wondering whether the Israelites did that, or used that water too, or whether their water was untouched?
Those were some powerful incantations or whatever that the magicians from Egypt were able to do, and it caused Pharoah to not believe at all. Makes me wonder whether Satan does the same kind of thing to us? For example, can he give people a false sense of peace so that they feel they don't need God?