Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29-May 5

Monday: Exodus 19
tuesday: 2 Samuel 9
Wednesday: Psalm 94
Thursday: Jeremiah 32
Friday: Ezekiel 26
Saturday: Mark 6
Sunday: Revelation 9


Lois said...

I usually don't like to post comments, because I feel like I don't have much noteworthy to say. I didn't want you to feel lonely, though, P.C., so here goes.

This is about Monday's reading, Ex. 19. At first reading, I didn't see much to comment on in this passage -- it seemed very straightforward. Things happened. In fact, the warnings that people or animals were not to touch the mountain, and were to be stoned or shot with arrows seemed very harsh.

But as people have said in the past, a person needs to pray when reading Scripture, asking the Holy Spirit to teach us, and then approach the Bible with an attitude of expectation. So I read it again. I pictured all the smoke, and the mountain trembling, and the Lord descending with fire, and the sound of the trumpet getting louder and louder. It must have been awe-some, in the true sense of the word. When you think of it, for someone to see all the supernatural activity and still go against the warning would show a tremendous amount of unbelief and/or rebellion. God must have really wanted to show the Israelites how much greater he is than us in every possible way and how unworthy we are to even approach him. I saw the grace of God, though, too. In all of His immenseness, He did want to communicate to people. He spoke to a representative -- Moses and later Aaron, too. He also gave repeated warnings about touching the mountain. He obviously didn't want anyone to die, but he did want to show that he was not to be trifled with. It was kind of neat to see things in the passage as I took the time to listen and look closer.

Prairie Chick said...

I love how God can reveal truths to us from ANY scripture when we are truly patient and expecting Him to speak. Thanks so much for sharing how he showed you truth in this chapter. When I read that chapter earlier this week I journalled about boundaries. About how they are there to protect us, to lead us into health and righteousness and how important it is to recognize and stay within those boundaries. For me I am recognizing that God wants me to recognize the boundary line of perfectionism and insecurity that when I cross over into certain patterns of thinking/behaving I am no longer safe and blessed. Darrell hit on this in his sermon on Sunday, when he talked about list people and it maybe not being a good thing to bind yourself to this list of "do this once a day" if you are that kind of person. I am so a list person. So erroneously chasing after the false god of self confidence hinged to what I accomplish or then shrivelling up and hating myself when I don't accomplish it. I start to live in the mentality that if I just "perform" a certain way or amount, or achieve a certain thing or attain a certain goal, that I will be happy with myself, and that is not living and walking and worshipping God in the security of who I am in Christ. In WHO I am,not what I do.