Thursday, April 9, 2009

Psalm 32


Mac an Rothaich said...

The first part of this chapter really spoke to me about being honest with God in confession time. You can't be blessed if you are untruthful in heart... you need to confess all sins to be blessed with forgiveness and healing.

'blessed is the man against whom the lord counts no iniquity and in whose spirit there is no deceit'

Being untruthful about where we are at is only harming us. God loves us enough to convict us and, if needed, discipline us till we are willing to let go of our sins...

'for day and night your hand was heavy upon me... i acknowledged my sin to you... be not like a horse or a mule, without understanding , which must be curbed with bit and bridle...'


Prairie Chick said...

"Happy is the person whom the Lord does not consider guilty and in whome there is nothing false. When I kept things to myself, I felt weak deep inside me..." v2-3

I love this verse. What is there to be all insecure and intimidated about in opening up and being honest? I can be honest about my peaks and valleys because I know that in being real and honest there is freedom and it's in pushing against the sides of this cocoon that my wings are able to break free and I am able to learn to fly. If I just keep things to myself, I am holed up in my dark cocoon in a bundle of confusion and frustration. Life was meant to be shared, the journey is a team journey.

"I will make you wise and show you where to go. I will guide you and watch over you. So don't be like a horse or donkey, that doesn't understand. They must be led with bits and reins or they will not come near you."

We had a good real life picture of this yesterday as P-guy and I mounted our horses for a little ride. Somebody was being stubborn as a mule, and needed so much hammering and prodding to get them to move their behind. I wonder sometimes if I am not like that, so reluctant and unwilling to yield and move in the direction that God is leading.

"Rejoice and be happy in the Lord, sing all you whose hearts are right." v11

This is the state of my heart right now. So happy and full of joy, that my heart is right, because of the cross.