Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 Timothy 1


Prairie Chick said...

I read this yesterday morning early and didn't get on to jot down my thoughts yesterday. Funny thing is that what stood out to me the most was the simple phrase "Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."

Grace and peace to you. That's all I need. That's all I could hope for. It soothes me just to read it.

I also liked; "asking our God to help you live the kind of life he called you to live. We pray that with His power God will help you do the good things you want and perform the works that come from your faith."

Oh man. I need a good dose of that help. I've felt so discouraged and spread thin lately like I am putting all of my energy into trying to produce good fruit but not really going anywhere. Like I try to encourage everyone else in my life but don't have an ounce of encouragement within me in my own walk.

Berry Girl said...

pssst...aren't we still in Thessalonians????

Prairie Chick said...

hmmm... my bible has three chapters in 2 Thessalonians, and we read chapter 3 on the 15th. Am I totally messed up?? Very possible as P-Guy says I'm not *really* awake until eleven, so anything that takes place before that is questionable.