Monday, June 22, 2009

Exodus 35


Prairie Chick said...

I've been discouraged at church lately to be perfectly honest. I really want to take my sacrifice of praise into the congregation, both with a heart of worship and with a spirit of sacrifice and absolute commitment but I just constantly feel like a "misfit". Like I wish so many things were different, that everything makes it "harder" for me to draw near the throne in worship rather than easier. Seriously, one day I stayed home with the baby and found it easier to pray and worship while I vacuumed than I find it at church. I am very discouraged about this because I love church, and I have always been passionate about the church and fellowship and spiritual growth and discipleship. I don't know if it's God who has put this desire for more within me or if it is Satan who is attacking me. And it's the kind of thing I feel I have to keep bottled up because if I share all of my discouragement that it would just discourage someone else, or in some way be a disrespect to the leaders.

I just feel like I try so hard and pray so hard to connect and feel at home, and it isn't happening and I'm miserable.

Berry Girl said...

I need to come for coffee.

Prairie Chick said...

=) Yes, you do. =) I have Rhubarb delish here just waiting for you.