Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 Samuel 6


Berry Girl said...

I'm never sure how to take vs 6&7 when God strikes dead Uzzah for trying to save the Ark. I get that God was demonstrating His holiness, and that no matter the intention behind it, touching the Ark was a violation, but still...seems so harsh.

I have always thought that these were some of the most fearsome words in the Bible - "and she despised him in her heart" (v16) I can almost feel the poison that was in Michal, how this was so disastrous to their marriage. There are few things worse than a wife who despises her husband.

Prairie Chick said...

okay, here's what I get out of this. It gives me goosebumps, really. I usually look back at a passage with one of two (or often both) questions. "What does this passage tell me about God's character"? and/or; "What can I learn from this passage about my own character in relation to God"?

So in this chapter I see that God is so utterly holy, and man so utterly depraved (I know we don't like to hear that, but we know it's true) that no earthly man would dare to draw near the throne of God or stand in His presence much less touch the hem of His garment. If we have a right view of the Holiness of God we would NEVER be so presumptious as to approach Him so brazenly.

But that is only the half of it. AFter the revelation of the gospel, after the reconciliation of the cross, in light of this passage we see just how much Christ accomplished for us. How pure He makes us, how he exalts us from the basest of sinner to justified, and heirs of righteousness where we are urged to "draw near the throne with boldness" and call God, Daddy. This is not because of anything we have done or merited. The mercy and grace is extended to us THROUGH CHRIST alone.

I am seeing this in a deeper and richer light than I have ever grasped before after reading this passage, even though it is something that I have thought and about and thought I grasped for some time now. Truly the grace and mercy of God is beyond fathoming though and a lifetime could not search out the richness of it all.

Prairie Chick said...

mmmm... was going to say too, at camp this week I added a new question to my repertoire. Our speaker challenged us, as I said to focus on the ONE part of the chapter that most attracts your attention. To dwell on it quietly for a few moments and seek to make it personal. God's word is living and active, the things written in here are as much for my benefit as they were for the people it was initially addressed to.

So now, after I ask my two questions, in closing I ask one more. "Now what?" What does this revealed truth about God's character, or my own, demand of me? How do I APPLY it today?

In this case, now I will seek to go through today truly appreciating the fact that God invites me "come near", "take hold" and commune with Him. I will seek to tuck my hand in His and build into that intimate relationship that Christ has made possible. I will do this through seeking to be conscious of Him more often and speak to Him rather than just "think to myself."