Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 Chronicles 10


Berry Girl said...

so very sad that after two rulers like David and Solomon, it takes only one fool to divide the nation forever. (forever? are they still divided?)

Prairie Chick said...

No, they are no longer divided in that way. Of course once they lost their nation completely after the destruction of Jerusalem it came about getting "one" nation of Israel back, never mind two.

What stood out to me here was the immaturity and arrogance of Rehoboam. Specifically the words "King Rehoboam spoke cruel words to them, because he had rejected the advice of the older leaders. He followed the advice of the young men..." in verses 13-14

Maybe the reason this popped out at me is something I heard recently in a Mark Driscoll sermon, about how one of the fruits of a corrupt nation is that they are ruled by the passions and immaturity of youthful and arrogant people. There is a verse for it in Proverbs, how God hands them over to be ruled by youth and women and how everything goes to pot.

I had never really thought about it before but man did he outline how our nations (America and Canada) are obsessed with youth. Fashion, appearance, health, materialism, pursuit of leisure. If you look at the magazines and smut that lines the aisles of our stores, or watch television you are bombarded with little else.

Our respect and pursuits are not to look to the "youth" of the nation, but to the wise and Godly aged who have lived and experienced so much and who we should revere and aspire to follow in THEIR footsteps.

I think I need to start seeking out some older friends. I mean, I've tried, but I need to try harder.